Public Charitable Foundation «Children's dreams» is good to individuals and families who find themselves in a difficult situation, and improves the overall situation in the city. Today there are some major charitable projects: «Man in trouble», «Help orphanages», «greening the city».
These charitable programs to help make our lives a little kinder and more comfortable, nadayayetsya special attention to those people who are now easy.
The «Man in Trouble» - is primarily helping children with serious illnesses and the elderly because their situation is often the hardest. In a difficult situation and get people of working age. Each of us may face health problems or survivor, timely support in this case could determine the fate of man.
The «Help orphanages» - a set of actions aimed at helping orphans living outside the family. In orphanages often ill children live, heal them by the state impossible. The Foundation conducts fundraising for treatment - a chance for thousands of children begin to live a full life. The main objective of the fund - to help those who can not solve their problems on their own, and proposed implementation program of assistance to the visual!
The «Greening Cities» - a whole range of charitable activities and measures to increase the number of green spaces. They city is brighter and more beautiful, and its residents became easier to breathe.
Charity fund is not limited to these programs. Always operate volunteer projects to assist needy. Each of you can also make the world around us a little better - it need only transfer to the fund feasible for a sum of money or participate in volunteer projects.