Effectiveness of Charitable Fund and shares of each track can be completed through charity projects and events. Read the results will be useful to anyone because it is a clear proof that the charity shapes the fate of the poor change for the better. Volunteers provided assistance recipients inspire faith in better times even save the lives of children and adults.
Successfully completed charity projects aimed at collecting money for treatment, it is a real help sick children and adults: the purchase of expensive medicines, operations, joint struggle with the disease and make life easier for the patient. Also charity events aimed at helping the elderly who have no family. Most often they are run in the form of voluntary programs, but also existing charitable activities other direction.
A number of completed projects can be identified separately aid to orphanages. Charitable Foundation «Children's dreams» gives particular attention fundraising and things in children's homes and shelters. You can see the results of these measures and, if there was a desire to provide all possible assistance to orphans in person. The most encouraging to learn the results of the charity events in which you participate. You will find that your actions combined with the efforts of others to form large-scale projects to improve society as a whole, the development of charity and compassion in the life of one of its representatives!