Vorobyov Makar


17 February 2017


People in Need

Project description

It has been three and a half years as the world appeared my little boy, 15
in August 2013., at 8.30 am.
  Pregnancy was good, not was no signs for concern.
But the birth was difficult, the baby cried, not breathing ... They took in
intensive care, hooked to a ventilator machine to the end of the day began frequent attacks,
caught seizures. Sometime in the evening, I realized that birth and the son in serious condition.
 Doctor renimatsiyi (Natalia E.) departed from him, for which I am very
grateful. Four days of stay in intensive care genus were unbearable,
it was difficult to see the child in all of these tubes, like a child caught
... attacks baptized, named Macarius. Then we were transferred to nursery
intensive care regional hospital with diagnoses: CNS hypoxia,
hidrotsyfaliya, convulsions, congenital heart defect, pneumonia. IN
Resuscitation child is pobyla 9 days, seizures stopped state
improved removed from the apparatus of artificial respiration.
  August 28 was transferred to the pathology of newborns and dolikovuvaty
watch as a child, where we stayed another month. Back in
intensive care doctor prepared me to be not easy with kids
Lesions need constant rehabilitation, I still thought and wanted
I was discharged home to a healthy baby ...
  I am reminded of how much we have experienced and understand what it is now
part of my life. Ongoing preparations, massages, rehabilitation.
  Already a year Makar was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis,
double himeplehiya. At that time he had no head, no
and turned, frequent vomiting, zazhati hands were in fists. Changes after
reabilitatsiy we have not seen. He responded knowingly, laughed upiznavav
family, time passed quickly. They began to look for where else to zvernutysya.Proyshly
three courses in Rehabilitation Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets city and
rehabilitation of the place of residence.
  Currently, already more than a year in Kharkiv lechimsya method for Moscow
nevrololoha Sandakova. There we have completed tomatisu, dolphin, who also
made improvements. Makar is holding his head turns, crawls on
bellies, trying to get up on all fours. And do not stop we made,
We are doing a lot at home, I see the potential of their child, his desire to go,
and it inspires me, my home forces.
  Unfortunately, the treatment is expensive, it's the only thing that can stop it. I am grateful
indifferent to people who help Makar who support us physically
morally and financially !!!


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