Sichkar Yuliya


3 May 2017


People in Need

Project description

Hello! My name is Galina.
I have to have a daughter, namely Sichkar Yuliya Yurevna, born 15.05.2005 that a child is sick. Cerebral palsy, mixed form (pyramidal, cerebellar) with sustained loss of coordination, episyndrome of TMR.
Treatment daughter started the rehabilitation center "Elite". Since the financial condition of the family did not allow us to further treatment in this center, we continued treatment in Lviv City Clinical Hospital named P. Orlik involving other professionals (therapists, psychologists, defectologists) who came to our home.
By this time the child is studying in NRC "Lion" for children with visual impairments because of the daughter found the diagnosis "subatrophy drive nerves in both eyes" but we had to take the child out of school because her behavior is not allowed where further training. As of today, a daughter studying in NRC "St. Nicholas" for children with mental retardation.
Currently, we treat the child with neurological clinic of Dr. Yatsenko. The clinic Yatsenko we passed five rehabilitation who pay themselves through family and caring people. Since treatment in the clinic is very expensive, we do not have the financial ability to pay such amounts.
I ask you to give me financial assistance for the next course of 10 days in the neurological rehabilitation clinic Dr. Yatsenko, which will take place from 23.10 to 02.11.17r.

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