Lun Lisa


2 March 2017


People in Need

Project description

Good day. My name is Tatiana.

I appeal to you for help for my single daughter Lisa, she was 12 years old. The girl was born in a very poor condition due to complications of childbirth. I spent a month in the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of acute cerebrovascular period cpinalnoyi trauma, asphyxia 3., Brain swelling, bleeding, convulsive syndrome. When the hospital began a series of endless other "injections and procedures. In the year diagnosed with cerebral palsy, right hemiparesis.

I do my best to Lisa became healthy. We constantly likuyemos.Za their '12 Lizaproyshla 50 treatments 9 - in the sanatorium "Cottage", 7 in a specialized clinical sanatorium "Hadzhibey" 15- in Odessa rehabilitation center "Future", 8 the International Clinic of Rehabilitation. Maximus, 6 courses dolphin in the Crimea, 4 in the center of intensive care "Olinek" in Warsaw, in the treatment of Chinese doctors.

At home, Lisa is intensively engaged in physical therapy, swimming, visits a speech therapist and psychologist, osteopata.V April 2014 had an operation on a method Ulzibata. Then daughter was much better to walk. Currently, Lisa walks independently, impaired motor function of the right hand, completely lacking fine motor skills right hand, erased dysarthria. Studies in Grade 6 teaching and rehabilitation center. Lisa cheerful and sociable girl.

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