Borisenko Artem


23 July 2016


People in Need

collection results:
Зібрано коштів:
7400 грн.

Project description

Borisenko Artem

mother: Alina A. Borisenko

father Igor Borisenko +30674730393

son Artem Borisenko I. 2 June 2014 r.n

full diagnosis of underlying disease - cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, severe, limb muscle hypertonicity 3b on a scale ashvorta, congenital malformation of the brain - arahnoidalna cyst left temporal area, mixed neuklyuzyvna hydrocephalus.

complaints, not sitting, not standing, holding his head slightly, not toys is not perevertayetsya in position on his stomach has the support of the forearm, not crawling, pose "on all fours" does not hold.

history of disease, ill since birth.

comorbidity, delayed speech development, innervation of muscles of the tongue broken, ploskovalhusna feet deformity 2-3 degrees


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